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I don’t know anymore if I could ever bring back the old Guy 1. He has been less thoughtful and less needy of me. It is painful.

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P. J. Aquino A.

Not have the care in the world…



Guess what. I am doomed. I have fallen in love, to Guy 1. But the big question is does he love me as much? I have been trying to decipher the big mystery lately, but I am until now unsuccessful. I don’t want to think that am just denying that Guy 1 doesn’t really love me. I don’t know if I can handle that right now. I have been in pain and so I am giving my heart its truly deserved slack.

We finally went out after a big quarrel, two weeks of not seeing Guy 1. It is frustrating, but I don’t want to be hurt right now, not now. So I am just painstakingly savoring myself with the little love and attention that Guy 1 is giving me. I never ever thought that I am going to end up like this, with Guy 1. With Guy 1, everything is so unpredictable. You will never know the right time for almost everything. At the start, I expressively confessed to him that I am not in any way interested with his commitment. But it didn’t shut him down

It was like that for 3 months. But fate has its very playful way of making one person realize the truth. I only realized that Guy 1 is not just some guy, when I finally saw that he can get tired of my whims and my selfishness.

I cried, and had gotten extremely melancholic of his presence. And finally, I realized that he had actually already stolen my heart long before. And frankly, I don’t know what he is doing with it right now.

I am so empty, but happy --empty because I lost my heart, but happy because I am in love.

I still have hopes that WE could work. I think it is my turn to prove myself to him.

Right now, I will fight for my love. And, we will see later where this is going to bring me.


P.S. I learned that I love you, because I can now tell the whole world that I love you. If only I could wear a tag that says, I love PJAA, and I don’t care what you say.

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Red and Black Ball

ePerformax 2008 Year End Party


It was our Christmas Party last December 7, 2008. It was a lot of fun!!! Like to the max fun!!! I had a blast. I never expected our party to be that spectacular! The theme for this year’s party is Broadway, and so every department will present a 10-minute production of their chosen Broadway play. Of course, I’m part of our department’s number. I was one of the dancers. Our Broadway presentation was Mamma Mia. Here is the best part, we won second place. Our big bosses were so impressed that we are going to perform again for the big bosses’ Christmas party on Monday at Intramuros. I am so excited.

In every event, my most favorite part is the outfit. I almost spent all my 13th month pay for my outfit. It was an outfit I painstakingly sought for 12 hours of walking, and reserving, and analyzing, and a lot of fitting. It was horrible. But, it was all worth it.

After the party, we went to Tiananmen and drank our livers out. Then we spotted this guy in the corner and we thought that the guy was gay. And these naughty officemates of mine dared me to get the guy’s number for no prize. I was deceived. Anyway, I texted the guy and he was so polite, only to know that he is straight. He was only being nice and polite through our texting because he wants to ask for my girlfriend’s number. Asa pa xa.

Picture... picture...

Here are my girlfriends -- Mai, Me, and Mae

Me and True Friend Mae

This was during our Mamma Mia number, nasaan ako? Ahehehe.

Eto ang mga DIET Trainers, hindi talaga sila ganyan sa totoong buhay. Kulang pa yan ng dangling earrings at red wine. Hehehe. Normal day lang yong ganun.

Lasing na ako. Dami champagne, wine and beer. Sarap!

Nawawala yong name tag ko. Nasa floor na pala.

The amerikana in the center is our CEO, Theresa Hartsaw. Tatlong beses siyang nagbihis that night.

Partee on at Tiananmen!

Hanapin niyo yong crush ko. Ahehe. Pre-party.

Si Leah ang may pinakamalaking susu sa DIET. May pangalan sila, si Lala (right) at si Lulu (left). Si Russ, bading.

At eto yong tumalo samen. Lion King. May broadway pala na ganun?

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December Tear

I'm sorry Guy 1



Hi December. Welcome!

I am not ok. Again, crying… Why is it so hard to love? Or, even to figure out myself? Who am I? My relationships are wrecks because I don’t know what I want and I don’t know sometimes if I am even capable.

I’m crying about Guy 1. Is this karma? It was my sub-conscious plan to play with him. Keep it real and tough, make him beg for monogamy, but look at me now… I am crying… I am hurting…

Do I love Guy 1? At the time when, maybe, I am going to lose him? I am not ready… I have been hurting Guy 1 and now he is full of my shit.

He walked out on me, expressed all his dismay. I have been complaining to myself that I am always frustrated. Or, was I just expecting too much? I have been a bitch. I was in my bitchiest. I thought he is just disposable. But, he isn’t.

Now I’m hurting. Now I’m crying. Now I’m confused. I am so pathetic.

Look at me… All by myself… Emotional… Sipping a tall glass of vodka. I am hurting myself. I am just helpless. I have no one now… I am alone.

I just checked my phone… He texted… He said, “Sleep tyt babe luv u…” I don’t know what to say anymore… Sobbing is all that I can do. It seems like the only thing that I am capable of right now. I didn’t know that I have these lots of tears to cry.

Maybe he doesn’t realize how I am hurting right now.

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My 2009 Planner



Yey! I have a 2009 Starbucks Planner already. I got it as a gift for my birthday. Paul gave it to me. No matter how, in a way, hated, in a way, my birthday I got one of the things that I want this year on my birthday.

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November 23




It was Pope Clement 1 day in the Roman Catholic Calendar of Saints; Alexander Nevsky's feast day in the Russian Orthodox Church; St. George's Day in Georgia; Kinro kansha no hi (Labour Thanksgiving Day) in Japan; Rudolf Maister Day in Slovenia; and it was my BIRTHDAY yesterday! How time runs fast. Look at my BIRTHDAY last year.

It turned out well, not that totally eventful. I had to ask people to greet me. I had to ask people to have a drink with me. I had to ask for everything. But, nevertheless, I am grateful that it didn't become a total disaster. But, I didn't get a cake, I didn't get a massive greeting, and I didn't get that much presents. All in all, it was ok.

I woke up at 11 p.m., the day before and I felt a very lonely. So I went to Timog to meet Paul and some friends. We went to a bar called "Butterfly" owned by one of Paul's friends and there was a fight so we ended early. I thought, I only finished a bottle so I invited them to go to Malate and I finished another 3 bottles of beer at O Bar. Guy 1 and Guy 2 were there.

Cliff cooked "tinolang manok" after we woke up. It was sumptuous. In the afternoon, I went to church with Paul. I prayed and thanked Him for another wonderful year. Then we watched a movie, "Burn After Reading" at Greenbelt 3. I know it was funny and maybe it could have been interesting if I didn't fall asleep. Maybe because of my medication. I was sick on my birthday. But, I ate, for the first time, a "Beach Muscle" hotdog. It was yummy.

I am 25 and I don't feel young anymore. I thought I experienced a sudden paradigm shift. I thought I view life so differently now. I saw this rent-to-own condo unit for 7K monthly amortization through Pag-ibig with a 30-year term and I can't believe I spent a generous amount of time thinking, if should get myself a condo unit already. I thought I am really getting old.

Although, I thank God for those people who had really find time to greet me. You all made my day! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Happy Birthday to Me.

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