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It's been a while, and I have no good things to say. Sad. Pretty much, all I am right now are regrets and don't-lose-faith-everything-will-end. I am not totally unhappy, despite my great misfortune, some things could still cheer me up and uplift my spirit.

But, looking to where I formerly belong and formerly with. I am obviously losing them, not because it is what I want neither their's, but because, maybe it is what they've realized to be best for me and more importantly for them. I am not expressing anger or indignation. I see the point in where things are going but it is not easy. It is very hard. Moving on is never easy.

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oo. may letter sender na rin ako.




By accident, I found your blog on travellerspoint.com. I was searching for call center bloopers and your blog showed up on the search results. What got me interested to read your entries is the fact that I work also for PS and am assigned to .com sales on 5th floor. Secondary to that is your name- parteeboi, which sort of I can relate to. However, unlike you, I'm not into clubbing for socializing, but rather for the love of club music. I grew up listening to electronic music and have worked for six and a half years as a club DJ in Bicol prior to joining PS. I rarely go into clubs here in MM, but I do know personally a lot of clubbers and some of the popular club DJs here. Your addiction to ecstacy is, of course, very common in the club scene, and that's what I am quite sad about. There are reasons why people are hooked to it, and I'm sure you got yours. I just hope you get over it because life is much sweeter without drugs. Try to get high with just the music alone. I once popped a couple of it in a secret party I played for in a remote beach in Bicol, but I did not like it any bit and have sworn never to try it again. Besides, I could not have supported such an addiction because I have my wife and kid to spend my earnings on. On that light, let me just mention that some of the former ecstacy addicts I know, conquered their addiction by starting a stable relationship. Again, life is much sweeter without drugs.


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Hi minimalhouseaddict,

Thanks for this message. It is very sweet of you. I was so touched with this, "On that light, let me just mention that some of the former ecstacy addicts I know, conquered their addiction by starting a stable relationship." Actually, me and my boyfriend, truly agrees. It's been a while since the last time we had it. Despite that, there is no indication though of stopping, totally. But hey, no thoughts neither of popping in the soon future.


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all seasons in one day


There are days, when you wake up and everything isn't at all right. And your day would seem to continue wrong until it ends. I hate days like that. Those are the days when you tend to resent your recent big decisions, and even bothered by the small ones.

I just changed job, it is a promotion. I now receive better pay, better title, and better incentives, of course, supposedly, more responsibilities. However, I'm missing the challenge and I'm feeling stagnated. On the other hand, it is true that making friends starts at zero. My only glory at the end of the day is my red lanyard and the respect from more people, and on top of those? Nothing else.

If I cannot convince myself that my days will get better, I would think that it would be nicer to go home to Davao and drown myself into my old bed, old pillows and my old blankets. I'd rather lazy around all day, and I’ll wait for my mom to call me for every meal. But of course, I cannot do that as I please. It's true though that every tear will pay off, at the right time.

I guess, I'm a fighter who chooses his battles carefully. I tend to spend my energy on things which matters more. It is hard sometimes, because it takes a lot of anger management, patience, perseverance and a lot of thinking.

If ever my decisions are wrong, God is fair enough to make me correct them and for me to make the best out of my misfortunes.

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I hate the world today!

all seasons in one day


1. We were robbed this morning. The door lock was obviously picked by a knife, so it looks like picked by a knife right now. The robber took my cell phone, my 1 year old Samsung D900. I woke up with only the adapter left plugged. The charger and the phone were gone. Whoever have bought it, it kinda hangs already.

2. Inside my cell phone is the post-paid SIM issued by the company where I work right now. It sucks right? Damn it! I just hope whoever stole it, would have just thrown the SIM away. I don't want to spend my salary on other people's phone bills. That sucks even worse!

3. My big boss today asked me to look for Dave Lopez' CSA result. Where the hell it went yesterday? Luckily, it was with Joseph. But to start your day with a missing CSA report isn't the best day maker in the world, or at least as a DIET trainer.

4. I am stressed. This week is full of shit and fights.

5. Why the hell should a friend of mine mention my, wearing-of-my-white-pants-kind-of-frequently in the elevator lobby? Damn it!


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If you ask WHY?

I resigned, and I guess these are some of the reasons why.

all seasons in one day


Ano na ang nangyayari sa team namin? I can no longer, definitely, feel the PS culture. Every now and then, every single time, always and everyday; one by one, people are starting to reveal their disappointments, unhappiness, exhaustion and their dismay. Each one has a different issue, and there are issues shared by everyone.

I am leaving, but the reasons for my departure aren't as grave as these issues, my fellows have.

To speak for my team, in general, we feel that we are underappreciated and hardly recognized, not to mention, underpaid. With the new metrics in hand, everyday is a struggle, seemingly, for something quite impossible and unrealistic. We may all be heard.

Not the reply im expecting.
He said that they are prioritizing those who are not taking calls.
Those people who are doing the floor support, when they don’t know the answer to the case, whom do they run to?
Even on our breaks or lunch we are not spared from questions, even supervisors come to us.
We are not after the jacket. It’s the principle.
We want them to explain clearly so we would understand.
We are not an income generating team but we are the resolving team.
We’re not jealous of the QA team but why can’t they explain to us why?
We’re just good for what?
Again, I’m just airing what I feel.

The four of us here totally agrees with you…..
No reply from MNLManager or MNLTrainer yet?
Your so right, were not after the jackets.
This clearly shows that were not valued at all, just a team who take sup calls, good for nothing team, which is so wrong.
This is so sad….
We didn’t like the reply of aries either…..

No reply yet…they’re both on lunch.
We’ll see later.
I hope there would be someone to defend us. *sigh*

But were proud of you for standing up for the team…..

A very SAD TRUTH indeed!!!!! Perhaps it was a mistake to retain this department afterall; People are not valued. So where did the " Support People" go?

They should be changing the name of our company to “business support” hehehehe
Crap that jacket thing! We can buy designer jackets if they actually have that so called “compensating people who are actually working their ass out everyday for sup calls that wasn’t even our fault!” That is if they can pay us what we deserve to get and not the darn jacket!
They can even wear all the colors they want!

As of date, there are 12 calls waiting, LET THE PEOPLE THEY VALUE TAKE THEM ALL!!!!!!!!


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Leaving on a Valentine's Day

all seasons in one day


I've never thought of this day at all. And never in my random imaginanings that this ocassion could really happent his soon. If you'll ask me now, leaving still seems a prank. I am leaving PeopleSupport, for good. Now, I understood more how heavy the phrase for good, really means. And when I say for good, it is definitely leaving and no more returning.

I'd say that my greatest achivement is when I became a CSA. I'm telling you, being a CSA is a lot of fun! The things that you can learn are seemingly endless. Work arounds that you didn't know exist is as easy as abc, being a CSA will most definitely make you wiser. PTA? LTA? And all that coupon fishing Educate customers, irate and arrogant Impresses, patient and sometimes non-english speaking Above and Beyonds... some tough days, they can be very damn difficult, and practicing more patient and getting used with 'em is the best possible way out and get less strssed. Working in a callcenter can be very challenging and educational. This isn't to boast, but being a CSA is way very cool.

And the memories...

Early crushes, turned losers; hated people turned close friends; close friends turning strangers; old friends and rekindled; final written warnings, couple of NCNS's; failed TS application; once recognized, once abjured and questioned of my leadership (it was a big slap on my face, but I know it is not true); assholes losing their hairs; client visits and FGD's; Starbucks, McDo, KFC, Yellow Cab and Mercury Drugs; jollijeeps; A4 and yosi; CSA, WWTE and former sups and other formers like former flings and former flames; rumored gays and the caught in the act ones; sups and agents turned lovers; partee; IJAF; myprime; TRIP, 13th month... marame. Sobrang dami. Naiiiyak na nga ako habang pinapatuloy ko tong blog ko e. Isa pa, at isa talaga sa mga pinanghihinayangan ko, ang mga kaibigan ko at si Mareng. Because, going to another compnay means, seeing Mareng less. "Nasa isang bahay naman tayo nakatira kaya ok lang." His words of inspiration.

Friends, I know this is sad, but I WILL SEE YOU AROUND.


  • I will see you around!

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