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One Unforgettable Birthday

Global Fun, Roxas Boulevard


I ran through some old pics today, and I thought, I wanna share these photos taken during my birthday. I celebrated my birthday at Global Fun in Roxas Boulevard. It was full of surprises and I had so much fun. That night, I regressed to being a kid.


There were six of us, Ben, Michael, Ate Klein, Ria, Jason and me.


The first stop was, Ranger. It looked like a pendulum but it turns 360 degrees. So, just imagine. It was the first time I ever felt nauseous on a ride. At dalawang beses ko siyang sinakyan.


Then I rode the chubibo. Same chubibo cheverlu.


Because only a few rides were actually interesting, we enjoyed ourselves winning cute stuffed toys in the games cheverness. Look at the toys.


And, these were what we won. Nakagastos ata kame ng, atleast Php600.00 para sa mga toys na 'toh. Look!


Nevertheless, it was such a very special day. I never usually celebrate my birthday. Last year, I just slept at home, because it was my rest day. My friends really made it a point that I celebrate it this year. I was all snoring when Ben called me up. They were already at the lobby of my condo waiting. Then we headed to Global Fun. I received a lot of gifts that night, most are from people who I did not at all expect to bother. Vey touching. I wanna make a list of them:

    1. T-shirt
    2. Old Navy flip-flops
    3. Orange LV
    4. Big dinner at North Park
    5. Wensha Full Body Massage
    6. Ipod Nano and
    7. silicon protector


The night didn't end there. I can't leave the park without riding the huge ferris wheel, I felt so serene, thinking about how grateful and lucky I am to have friends like them. And, feeling thankful about all the wonderful things in my 24 years of living. I have thought of my life and how I am going to proceed from that point. After a deep breath, i noticed in a bird's eyeview the beauty of the lights in the darkness of the night.


And the next day, Michael called me up to go to their place. Michael cooked adobo for me. And, Paula came with a birthday cake. It was a long time ago already since the last time that I blew a candle on a birthday cake. I really appreciate every single thing. And I dedicate this post to Ben and Michael.


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XOXO... Parteeboi



You're right Callboi. I saw 'm there, drunk as hell! But still a cute boy as he is.

So, did it clear all our doubts regarding his sexual preference? Did it satisfy our huge appettite for curiosity? Did it shut our big mouth yet? Did it make you cry right now loser girl? And, did it make you wanna sprint lover boy? I know... I know... you can't just help it feasting over the lives of others, or should I say, other's rot. Others who are by the way, interesting, than vultures like us.

"I know you love me." Gossip girl in the background.

So here is the scoop. It was one unplanned evening, Saturday night. Club Government is just a walk from our place, so my boyfriend and I decided to drop by, and see a friend's performance, which is by the way, spectacular! Congratulations Ate Klein! While I was waiting for my friend to perform at 3am, I decided to sit outside, just the facade of the club, and light a cigar. When, I thought I saw a, what seems to be impossible. All the while, I was so convinced that he's a straight, so I quit making pa-cute before. Gaydar, a little bit tarnished, I badly needed a gaydar upgrade don't you think?

Girls and boys, homos and lesbies, Club Government, FYI, is a gay club. The crowd statistics, 90% gay men, 9% gay women and 1% straight men and women. On the other ball, he can still fall in that meeeagerr sounds like maaaanagerr 1% stratum, you know?

So, an awkward encounter, it was, oh! Such, a grace under pressure. So I said, "Why are you here? You're not suppose to be here?" Then, all I got was... "He brought me here." Pointing to a friend, who I always see at the club. But dears, he can be straight and all. Only, maybe a little extra friendly amongst us. And, I'm really trying to sound credible here.

Questions... questions... I know you have lots of questions and answers, big or small, are just around. But I thought, sometimes it is way too much better if we just mind our own business.



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Online Shopping

sunny -17 °C

Another thing I did today... I did shopping, online. And I bought, 6 items.

Enjoy and envy.

White Hooded Jacket

Beige Diagonal Zip Hoody

Plastic Full Frame Sunglasses

Perforated Leather Look Wallet

Indigo Coated Skinny Jeans

Check and Flush Trucker

By the way, I don't own a credit card so these stuff go to my wishlist. Well, this is what I normally do when I'm bored. Actually, I already bought for my friends too. I sent them an e-mail and pasted the pictures of what I pretended to have bought for them. It's just me. But, it's fun. You may try ity for yourself too. I hope to see them in a Topman store soon. Best places to check them out, Powerplant and SM Mall of Asia. I wish Topman will open in Glorietta.

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Detoured to Batangas

With a Danish touch!

all seasons in one day

It's Sunday again, and Mareng is right beside me; Poochie is right beside Mareng. It seems like a Sunday tradition already.

I remember this trip we had to Batangas. I was with Goddess, Ashley, Morga, Mo, and Dalbet. It was Sunday night too, the group decided to go out of town. So we headed our way to Tagaytay, on board Dalbet's pick up.

We had a quick stop for gasoline along SLEX, I think it's Petron. Ok, 100 bucks contribution. That's 500 bucks for gasoline to Tagaytay and back to Makati. But, for some mischief of fate, the gasoline boy full tanked the car. The manager being very generous, said, we're good to go! Coolness. Php 500.00 for full tank.

And that is how we ended in the beach instead of the mountains. Our cold Tagaytay plan went so hot and sunny on the sea waters of Nasugbo, Batangas. Fun, right? I know! The floating cottage was awesome.

On the other hand, see this restaurant.


And, look closely. Is says,

PATI Restaurant
Cold Food (It doesn't sound right at all to me.)
Warm Drink's (Warm drink's what?)
Dirty Rooms (Yeah, right!)
Lousy Service (Great add! I'm sure customer service is excellent here! I wish they have CSAT too.)
Exotic Prices (Like, iced tea for seven hundred dollars and thirty yen?)
Der Dussel Doofe (Sounds Danish.)
The Dizzy Silly (If this is the translation, yeah, you silly must have been dizzy then.)

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all seasons in one day

It came so unexpectedly. I never thought that in my lifetime I could get this huge amount of money in just a snap. It all started with an e-mail from stuff@twcny.rr.com to my gmail account. And I was startled when I found that I won GBP 1,000,000.00. It was all simple. The first e-mail is for me to fill up a form and provide my name, age, sex, phone, occupation and country to Mr. David Wellings at claimsofficedavidwellings@yahoo.co.uk.


I was diligent enough to reply. In no time, another e-mail came from Mr. David Wellings himself, asking me to contact Norwish Bank Plc. and in 3 days I will have the money transferred to my acocunt, instantly! All I need to do is to send an e-mail Mr. Ferg Sand, Chief Accountant/ Account Director at norwishtransferonline@yahoo.co.uk with my name, sex, country, mobile phone number, amount won, and my full account information for transfer.


Everything seemed surreal. In a sec, I thought, this isn't at all real. Conspicuously, absolutely, dubiously, bloody scam!


Hay naku! Ang akala ko pa naman ay yayaman na ako. Akala ko sagot na ang mapapanalunan ko sa lahat ng mga dasal ko. Sabi ko sa sarili ko, pinagpapala talaga ang mga mabubuting tao. Kasi, kung sakaleng nanalo talaga ako, ipagagawa ko ng bahay ang mga magulang ko, pag-aaralin ko ang kapatid ko sa pinakamagandang pamantasan, at magtatayo ako ng negosyo kasama ng asawa ko, para palawigin pa ang pera.

Minsan, ang sarap ma-scam. Parang, sa maikling panahon, natapos ang lahat ng problema mo. Panandaliang panlunas sa lahat ng bigat sa balikat. Lalawak ang imahinasyon mo sa mga pwedeng mangyari at mga bagay na pwede mong magawa. Minsa kasi, tila napupurol kasama ng pait ng takbo ng buhay ang pag-asa natin na magtagumpay balang araw.


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Getting upset over small stuff



I may have just overreacted. When I thought he yelled at me annoyingly when I tried to ask him if he is ok. It always hurts me when he is under his temper. When I show concern, asking him some questions, and I get a nag.

Today, I got a disppointingly rejecting remark from him, over questions like, "Are you ok?" I showed him that it upsets me by not talking at all. I was silent until it bothers me already.

I thought, he may have a lot things going on and asking him if he is ok, is not a good idea. Sometimes, I get that feeling and I guess I should just let this pass and learn to adjust. Me getting upset every now and then is not helping neither one of us. So now, I guess what I need to do is learn how to be more patient so to skip nonsense, cold war, and being adult on more things.

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