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Quickie for Food

Mga kwento ni Mareng.



Sa una, hindi ko alam kung paano atashi magre-react. Nalaman kong may nag-ayang makipag-quickie sa asawa ko. Tuwang-tuwa si Poochie Gumamela habang binabalita niya saken 'yon. Pero sabi ko, bakit sa toot-toot ng ina mo ako matutuwa aber? Ngunit, datapwa't, subalit, di ko agad pinakitang galit ako. Hinayaan ko munang magkwenta ang asawa kez. Mukhang enjoy na enjoy naman ang asawa ko habang nagkwekwento. Eto daw ang nangyari...

Habang nakatayo sa labas ng opisina ang asawa key, may stranger daw na tumitingin sa kanya at ngumiti. Itong asawa ko naman, ay nginitian ang toot-toot ng ina niyang stranger. So, sabi ng stranger, "Lunch mo? Gusto mo sumama?" "San?" Sagot naman agad ng asawa kez.

Sabi ko sa isip ko... "Ah... Ganun?"

Sagot ng stranger, "Sa bahay, quickie tayo." Wala nang sabi sabi pa, umalis ang asawa ko at pumasok na ulet sa opisina.

Sabi ko sa isip ko... "Mabuti naman. Hmp!"

Pero, ito ang pinakabest part at pinakakinakikiligan ni Poochie Gumamela, sabi ng asawa kez, ang akala daw daw niya ay yayayain siyang kumain sa KFC at ililibre siya. I-ta-take out daw niya ang sa kanya at ibibigay saken para sa lunch ko.

Sabi ko sa isip ko... "Aayyy..."

At ito pa, nang nalaman niyang quickie pala ang habol ang toot-toot ng ina niyang stranger na pervert na yon, naguilty siya.

Sabi ko sa isip ko... "Mabuti naman. Tseh! Kinekeme mo atashi... Hihihi!"

Sabi daw ng asawa ko sa isip niya, "Nagkasala ba ako sa Baby ko?" And he uttered, "Sorry Baby."

Ayyy... Wink! Wink!


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Bloopers, Inc.

Si Ruffa Mae, St. Luke's, beer na may grenadine at ang Belo joke ni Inday.


Friday night, a date, Erick, a friend, Kuya Ver and I went to Malate to meet Poochie and Posh. They don't want me to stay at Gov so I could somehow, skip partee. But, they failed. I parteed, for seven straight days because of that night.

We were in a taxi, on our way to Malate. We saw this very huge Bench billboard with a curvacious female model with underwears only on. And, we can't help but notice it. Gays, appreciate females too, but they don't lust over them... please.

Then, Erick asked, "Sino yan?" Sounding as-a-matter-of-factly, Kuya Ver said, "Ah... yong sa Pussycat Dolls. Ano nga name niya? Ahh... Ruffa Mae." I said, unbelievable, Rufa Mae Quinto isn't a pussycat doll.


Then, we met Poochie and Posh at the O Bar. Of course, I have to introduce my company.

Poochie has this instinct to start or fill communication gaps everytime I'm with a new company. So he asked Erick, "San ka nagwowork?" And Erick replied seemingly uninterested, "St. Lukes." And, Posh, who by that night asked me who is the cute guy I'm with, who is Erick, quickly interrupted and said, "Ano yong St. Lukes?" Then Poochie said... "St. Luke's, plural form ng Luke." His face went blank. It seems like his holding an amountful of air inside his chest, and his cheeks inflated, then blurted into boister. He realized what he just said.


In another occasion, my ever Kuya Ver, inside Club Government, asked me to buy him adrenaline. I was going to buy my beer then, and on my way to the bar. So, I ordered one Strong Ice and one Adrenaline. The waiter has no idea what is adrenaline. Then, I sensed... "Kuya Ver, gusto mo ba yong beer na pula?" I bellowed. And with light expression of astonishment on his face, he said, "Oo!" Then I ordered, two Strong Ice with grenadine.


Remember those inday jokes? My friend, Rhona has another version of the "only Belo touches my skin" thing. Sa inday joke, Inday said, "Only Belo touches my skin, who touches yours?" While, Rhona said... "Only Belo touches my skin, who are you?" Taray ng bakla!


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Blogs, Callboi and Sunday Production

What blog site callboi visits the most?


It's Sunday, and the floor is very silent and unpopulated unlike the rest of the week's days. By the vigor and the confidence of Poochie Gumamela, he sneaked my boyfriend, Mareng, inside the office. Our area is as vacant as holiday every Sunday, so we sat next to each other. My boyfriend is surfing friendster, thanks to gotlost.com proxy, while Poochie is surfing gay blogs with a lot of pornographic contents. I saw penises all over his monitor. Well, that's Poochie, but I still love him as a friend, and accepted him as what he is.

You might be interested with the blogs we checked out today...


This is a very comically entertaining blog maintained by a gay from Davao, City. Mandaya Moore, has a lot of funny depictions about how they spend their ordinary days out of extraordinary gay seeries of events. You will see picture of his friends and his boyfriend, Kulot. Some articles though, are kind of boring to read, but it will surely give you one hell of a laugh.

*the text in the photo says, "Ang mga bakla. Nakapaligid sa nanalong si Kirat (ang may suot ng korona). And below the photo says, "Ngayon sabihin niyo sa akin kung nasaan ang hustisya."

What callboi visits often? Hmm...


It's for the ultimate perverts and the voyeurs like Poochie Gumamela. You want penis? Then you'll get looots of penis, and droooll over hot bodies. Be careful though, best viewed on Sundays because there are no nosy managers and supervisors around.


And of course the very famous...


I asked 10 gays and 9/10 gays know manilagayguy.com. I prefer manilagayguy than twistedhalo23, it has my mix of hot body, no stark-naked; popping and uncontrolled surfing penises, gossips, pop culture-ish gay facts, and real stories.


So, if you have time and tired of our blogs, or out of new reads already, then visit those sites.

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Our first monthsary was on Januray 15, 2008

movie, dvd, and you-know-what-I-am-talking-about


Dear Crashing Confessions,

We've watched "I Am Legend" for our first monthsary with Poochie and Posh. The night went well and even had a clumsy pictorials at Greenbelt 5 after the movie. Posh, had to go home early because he was not feeling well that time. Baby, Poochie and had a midnight meal at Tropical Hut along Buendia. Poochie ordered a blandly tasting chicken katsudon, Baby ordered a burger and fries, while I enjoyed my dinuguan meal and my two and a half cups of rice. Then, we went to Baclaran so Poochie could hoard some DVD's. As a monthsary present, Poochie bought us a pirated copy of "Lalake sa Parola."

Baby and I went home. He was tired but still managed to give me a nice monthsary you-know-what-I-am-talking-about.


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An amino acid essential to form a perfect protein called Love.

storm 10 °C


How awful it feels when your partner can't fully give his trust to you. You know you love each other, but your partner is verbally and bluntly telling you that you haven't earned his trust at all.

"I can't blame him. Something must have made him the way he is. When I decided to love him, I also decided to accept who he is. And therefor, acknowledged the fact that TRUST is a big issue for my partner. And TRUST, could make or break our relationship."

It must have been hard for him to love and to show love despite the fear of being hurt. Who doesn't want to be happy? We grow old and sometimes die, searching how to be happy. We are lucky to have found a person who makes us happy. Once you find that person, you will do anything to keep him, and in order to keep him, you must make your self a source of happiness for him too. Tough as it may sound, but when you are inlove, it will all be easy. However, sometimes things get tough too.

"I am inlove, and happy. But, anxious that one day I might blow it off. Now, questioning myself how will ever gain his trust completely. If I ever did something to make him feel I am worthy of his trust. I wasn't at all conscious along the way until he tried to break up with me. He said, he loves me but I just lost all the trust he learned to give me. When he found an unopened pack of Clorettes under our bed."

"What he did was unfair, but I appreciate he showed me what needs to be fixed. But we did not break up, we found out that a very close friend of ours left it. He said sorry."

"It seems like he believed me, and realized I am sincere . The Clorettes did not come from a stranger, who I could have invited over and adulterated with. I LOVE HIM AND I WILL DO ANYTHING, WHATEVER IT TAKES, TO HEAL HIS BRUISES AND FOR HIM TO TRUST, AGAIN."

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Project Runway Philippines

I don't say auf wiedersehen, I only say uhr heraus.

storm 14 °C


Darn! When I was a small kid, I used to draw figures of girls with gowns lavishly and intricately designed. Richly colored in a sheet of newsprint red-and-blue lined elementary paper. My father though, never doubted my paper consumption.

I grew up making paper dolls and making paper dresses. It was not at all a hobby but already a part of my growing up. Until I went to high school, when identity crises could arise and proper behavior of sex roles are expected and making paper dresses is a taboo. So I stopped, but still picturing my female classmates wearing my gowns created only in my playful imagination. Ironically, I never dreamed of becoming a fashion designer. The thought of which, always overpowered that I'd rather be a policeman. My father is with the PNP, and would never agree a gay son, or if not gay, would never agree a straight fashion designer son.

Just when I thought that the passion of mine will be for keeping, my mom one day asked me to design her a dress for a wedding, and asked me to design my younger sister a gown when she turned over her crown as Munting Mutya ng Malalag. All these twists when I was first year high school. Then the community seemed to like my designs, even counselors in the local government were my avid clients. I even designed a set of attires, one time, for a local beauty pageant -- from swim wear, casual, ethnic attire, and long gown-- where all candidates wear the same design. They said to really see who stands out who.

Until came Project Runway Philippines. When I saw the add on tv, something tingled in me. Is this my moment? Is this the pivotal part of my life being the silent genius hand to stardom and fame? I'm a total broke and the screening is already on going until the 16th of this month? How in the world can I come up with my own portfolio? Where am I going to freaking get resources for the three clothes, I personally designed, and time to sew them? What I only have is my resume and my filthy passion for fashion design and beautiful clothes.

I am pretty frustrated of my self. I thought that I lack the passion and the will to seize every inch of opportunity to fulfill my aspirations. It brought me to question, whether I was born for hot dresses, fabrics and palettes, patterns and cuts, glamour and style, fame and riches, and fashion design. But fashion design has never left my imagination and even my straightest day dreaming. My hopes are still high, and the day is still young. I still believe that a milestone is still in the sketching.

I don't say auf wiedersehen, I only say uhr heraus.


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